ConSeals from Simply Seals

A Versatile, Efficient Sealing System for Injection Holes Drilled into Concrete

Pest Controllers, do you want to save time and money, while increasing the efficiency of your business? Then ConSeals are the ideal concrete injection hole sealing system for you.

Millions of ConSeals are already in use. Are you missing out?

Do you find it tiresome and time consuming sealing injection holes when completing Termite treatments?

Then Simply Seals offers you a newly patented professional finish to the Termite treatment process, cheaper and quicker than cork, reducing your treatment time and saving you money.

Look at the advantages that the ConSeals system offers:

  • ConSeals saves you money by making the sealing process simpler and easier!
  • ConSeals have been specifically developed for the Pest Control Industry to efficiently seal injection holes drilled into concrete.
  • ConSeals have been carefully engineered to last for many years in exposed areas.
  • ConSeals are easily applied to injection holes immediately after drilling and injection.
  • ConSeals are designed to provide a water proof seal for holes drilled into concrete ranging in size from 6-11 and 12-14 millimetres – only two seals are required to cover both size ranges – “even 6mm holes can be sealed by removing the section above the 3rd disc with the slice of a chisel.”
  • ConSeals are currently available in seven colours GREY, BEIGE, BLACK, BROWN, GREEN, MAROON and TERRACOTTA, thus providing a professional finish to the completed job.

The choice is simple – ConSeals from Simply Seals.

New 6-11mm and 12-14mm Now Available

grey plug
beige plug
black plug
brown plug
green plug
maroon plug
terra plug

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In Bags of 500 or 1000 seals, $160 per 1000 seals + postage & GST (minimum order 3500 for 12-14mm seals or 5500 for 6-11mm seals)

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